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Amethyst Art Deco Bespoke Piece


An elegant amethyst, diamond and white gold cocktail necklace made bespoke for a customer.

It has an Art Deco, vintage vibe going on with the triangular part at the top typical of the movement's geometric shape fascination. Meanwhile that bright amethyst follows the Art Deco trend of using vibrant colours. Isn't it hypnotising?

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Happy World Environment Day everyone! 

To celebrate we've made a special post on crystal chemistry, because gemstones are a beautiful natural spectacle. 

You know which crystal you have according to their structure and mineral content. There are seven crystal systems, based on triangles, squares, rectangles, hexagons, rhomboids, parallelograms, and trapeziums.

They are characterised by the length of the axis, angles between them, and the number of symmetry centers along with the amorphous noncrystalline form. And minerals bond differently to create the different types of crystals

Why are crystals different forms and colours?

Mineral variations are based on trace elements and where they are found. This all affects whether you have a deep purple amethyst or a muted green fluorite.

And what about energy?

The crystalline structure can absorb, focus and emit energy on the electromagnetic waveband. Once you know the chemistry of a stone you know its personality and the properties it holds. This is why stones are said to have different healing properties.

So that's crystal chemistry 101, next time will be crystal formations!


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silver picture

Luke's atelier is always scattered with complex tools, pieces-in-progress and a multitude of colours, different metals and textures. It is a wonderland of stories, with each piece holding a unique design history. 

The pieces here are master pattern designs, silver pieces which will be in a new collection we are working on. 

Watch this space... 

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This stone is Heliodor (Beryl). It is a symbol of the sun because of its beautiful golden yellow colour. It is usually found in the form of a fine, slender tube. The best-quality stones are found in Urals in Russia, meanwhile Brazilian heliodor is a pale yellow and is step-cut to give it depth of colour. They can also be found in Madagascar, Ukraine, Namibia and the USA.

We think it is a unique and gentle stone, a little pocket of sunshine.

Atelier Access All Areas: Bespoke and Platinum History

luke goldsmith

We are currently polishing a platinum and diamond ring, a bespoke piece for a custommer.

Do you know how platinum was discovered?

Writings of platinum can be found in the writings of Italian physician, poet and scholar, Julius Caesar Scaliger (1484-1558). He supposedly saw platinum when visiting Central America in 1557. The metal was called 'platina' in Spanish, meaning 'little silver'.

News of the element naturally spread through Europe like wild fire and scientists became hypnotised by its physical properties and beauty. The 'Platinum Age in Spain' began...

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Atelier Access All Areas: Tools

tools luke goldsmith

Here's a picture of some bohemian flowers scattered across one of our work tops. There's definitely a charm to the trade of jewellery with its fascinating tools and hands-on work. While mostly a piece of jewellery is seen in its finished form, what's forgotten is the hours of processes which have produced it. 

Here we have a borax cone and a dish. Luke mixes the borax with water to make a flux which is used as a soldering aid to make the solder flow.

The metal slabs may be a simple tool used for placing piping hot pieces but they are highly valuable when you want to put a diamond down and find it again!

If you have any questions about making jewellery, we are happy to answer.

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flower apprentice broach

Luke is polishing this beautiful piece, made of silver, amethyst and blue topaz for a customer. 

It is a bespoke piece based on the apprentice flower Luke made when beginning the jewellery journey years ago. 

It is lovely to see that the classic design is still in demand.

The beauty of this broach is that it will dress up any piece of clothing. It is a truly elegant statement that will draw attention from every eye that falls on it. It is the bewitching apprentice flower. 


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gemstones, drusy, cornelian

We're really excited to use some new stones we have got into the atelier recently.

Can you guess what these ones are?

The stone on the left is Carnelian - Known as a stone of motivation and endurance, leadership and courage. Carnelian is an orange-coloured type of Chalcedony, which is a mineral from the Quartz family. Its name comes from a Latin word meaning 'flesh'. So, it's one to wear when you need a boost of bravery. 

In antiquity, as well as today, Carnelian is believed to help timid speakers become both eloquent and bold. It has a
hardness ratio of 7. 

And the stone on the right is druzy, which had little attention paid to it until about 10 years ago. Druzy gets its name from the word “druse,” which means a rock surface covered with small crystals. It has a hardness ratio of 6.

Luke loves druzy because, being a natural stone, each piece is unique and has its own character. 

Which one do you like best?


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Insider Information: here Luke is inspecting the enamel and micro-welding - which
uses argon gas, another way of soldering without havng to apply heat.


Teaser Documentary Film

Ever wondered what a jeweller really does all day? Well, there are a lot of different, highly skilled processes involved. This film shows just a few of the different methods of jewellery making. More to come soon... 

Atelier Access All Areas: Eye Candy #1

17991368_1379169948787738_4970237519934525448_o (1).jpg

Luke is working on some exciting pieces for the summery sweet 'Eye Candy' collection. You never know what wonders you are going to stumble across in Luke's atelier or what's going to happen to the gemstones you find. 

Watch this space...

Bespoke Wedding Ring

Bespoke Commission

Bespoke Wedding Ring: Luke made this beautiful wedding ring for a customer last week.

What's amazing is that the ring can be worn several different ways, meaning it can be bright coloured gemstones (picked out by the couple's children) in the day and diamonds for an evening out. 

It is truly a work of art. 

Atelier Access All Areas: Bespoke Commissions: Rennie Mackintosh Style

Bespoke Jewellery Rennie Mackintosh

Do you know who Charles Rennie Mackintosh was? We have an exciting commission we are working on which is inspired by the Scottish designer's distinctive and natural style.

Mackintosh respected craftsmanship and tradition, values which are at the core of Luke Goldsmith Jewellery. Here are some initial sketches.

What do you think?

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I spy a secret meeting going on regarding some specially cut precious stones which have just come in. They are drusy gemstones, exceptional because of how they've been cut. They definitely have a beautiful texture and sparkle.


DSC_0177 (2).jpg

Atelier Access All Areas: Bohemian #2

It's been a busy day in the atelier...

Luke always begins making a piece of jewellery by gathering inspiration and then sketching some initial ideas. These sketches are then refined and built upon until he's happy. This can mean lots of changes from the initial sketch to the final piece. Like any designer, the process is creative and evolves everyday.

Here's a sketch from the Bohemian collection.