Inspiration art nouveu

The 'Bohemian' collection whisks away the wearer into a world of sweet, spring-time softness. Inspired by Art Nouveau's fantastical evocation of nature, Luke has crafted pieces which include butterflies, dragonflies, flowers and the precious bumble bee. 
The focus falls on interesting forms, mixed materials such as mangano calcite and silver and using colourful gemstones for a burst of theatricality into classic, elegant creations.

And the flower motif used in the collection has a story of its own...

When Luke was an apprentice, the flower was the first piece he ever made. A throwback to where it all began, Luke continues to work with the flower in his bohemian collection, which is being expanded due to demand. The flower will keep being reinvented, adorned with different natural elements to keep the organic, fresh feeling. Creations using the flower may also be realised in Luke's bespoke service.

We love the Art Nouveau movement, especially this doorway shot in Prague. It is a style which will always influence some of the work here at Luke Goldsmith jewellers.