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Happy World Environment Day everyone! 

To celebrate we've made a special post on crystal chemistry, because gemstones are a beautiful natural spectacle. 

You know which crystal you have according to their structure and mineral content. There are seven crystal systems, based on triangles, squares, rectangles, hexagons, rhomboids, parallelograms, and trapeziums.

They are characterised by the length of the axis, angles between them, and the number of symmetry centers along with the amorphous noncrystalline form. And minerals bond differently to create the different types of crystals

Why are crystals different forms and colours?

Mineral variations are based on trace elements and where they are found. This all affects whether you have a deep purple amethyst or a muted green fluorite.

And what about energy?

The crystalline structure can absorb, focus and emit energy on the electromagnetic waveband. Once you know the chemistry of a stone you know its personality and the properties it holds. This is why stones are said to have different healing properties.

So that's crystal chemistry 101, next time will be crystal formations!